Do you work in a data-related function?

You are a...


You are amongst the most sought-after talent. You started your career. Now you are looking to develop and evolve. What will be your next step?

While the job market for these skills is on the rise, these are still very young fields of expertise. The variety of the required skills and also of the offered functions makes the distinction between different professional levels rather opaque.

It will be a matter of a short time - if it is not already happening, that the market begins to ask for more transparent and comparable classifications between "junior" and "senior" skills & functions.

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Did you ask yourself

already about
your own classification?

Set your course now to become a senior

Join the #datacareer coaching program 


Assessment of your competency profile


Clarity about your professional mission


Guidance on priorities in your professional development


Coaching on team- and stakeholder communications


Alignment of your data skills for business impact

Recognized by peers

A predictable path
to senior level

Senior qualification
without doubt

  • Peer group of max 20 coachees per quarter

  • 12 months program

  • For a maximum duration of three years

  • Led by a senior expert

  • Remote events/participation

  • Monthly sessions

  • Yearly review of competence profile

Head of Career Coaching

Dr. Marija Vlajic Wheeler

Senior Expert
Data scientist since 2013
PhD Astrophysics (Oxford)

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