The Senior Level

Career Development Program

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For practitioners, by practitioners

You are a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, ML engineer, Computer Vision practitioner, or NLP practitioner.

  • Do you feel like your company is struggling to understand the data career path, what it means to be a senior, or give you the challenging tasks you deserve?


  • Do you feel you are moving sideways from task to task in your career, not forward?


  • Do you find many career paths exciting and struggle to decide what to focus on?


  • Do you miss having senior colleagues around to learn from?


If you recognized yourself in at least one of the above, then the AI Guild Career Development Program may be just the thing for you!

Predictable path to the senior level

Community as a safe space for exchange with peers who understand what you’re going through, who you can rely on, and who hold you accountable.

Help to figure out how to combine your interests, your experience, and market demands to make the best career choice for yourself.

Support assessing your blind spots, help with where to focus on, and getting you there through guidance and goal setting.


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Head of Career Development Program

Senior industry expert
Data scientist since 2013
PhD Astrophysics (Oxford)

University Lecturer

Dr. Marija Vlajic Wheeler

Conditions of participation

Model A, free up to 11 months with no liability.

  • The fee for the end of year review (Year 1 onwards) is EUR 1490.- plus VAT, payable upon submission.

  • The fee for individual yearly planning (Year 2 onwards) is EUR 490.- plus VAT, payable at the start of the goal-setting.

Model B, free up to 3 months with no liability.

  • Starting from the fourth month, a monthly coaching subscription fee of EUR 150.- plus VAT applies.

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Focused career development

  • Accelerate your path to senior by one year or more

  • Achieve peer validation for your competency profile

  • Raise your professional standing

  • Create better and more income opportunities

  • Build a long-term support network for your career

Be the best senior you can be

  • Realize your professional mission

  • Be recognized as a domain expert

  • Be someone people want to work with again

  • Achieve high-quality end-to-end delivery

  • Get ready to lead and build teams

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