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Our masterclasses offer insight on technological advances, hands-on training for implementation in industry and startups, and empowerment for entrepreneurship.

first masterclass

Image Processing with Deep Learning 

09 November 2019

09.00-19.00 hrs


Your hands-on introduction to Deep Learning with a focus on image processing. For people with programming expertise only. No prior deep learning knowledge required. 

A masterclass for those who want to learn about the biggest use-case in Deep Learning and be ready for building their own AI-powered prototypes and products.


 Bring your own computer and learn:

  • What is Deep Learning and what are best practices?

  • What are Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and why are they so important for image processing?

  • How to preprocess data and apply data augmentation?

  • How does Transfer Learning work and why it is so successful?

  • How to continue from there?


We will discuss the important principles and implement them on your machines. You will be required to set up your computer in advance. Instructions will be provided.

For the 1st masterclass, we expect up to 30 participants, and for every 15 participants, there will be one expert teaching and mentoring.

I am a Deep Learning scientist working on visual search at scale for the Berlin-based startup nyris.io.  I hold a Ph.D. in physics and have an extensive track record in analyzing data.

Dr. Lisa Heße

We have designed this masterclass for practitioners. You may be entitled to educational leave and use a training budget.

To be sure that everyone qualified can join, individual tickets start at €450 (plus fees). Tickets booked for company employees start at €750 (plus fees)