Data, Data Science, and Deep Learning are increasingly at the center of existing and upcoming businesses.


Europe is currently lagging behind and the so-called "AI gap" vis-a-vis East Asia and North America seems to be widening. Some countermeasures are taken by governments funding academic research and businesses hoping to fill their practice-gap by hiring consultants.


As industry and startup expert practitioners we find that neither approach helps us close the gap. Researchers typically are focussed on publications rather than business value. Consultants can help companies build prototypes but typically fail to productionize AI. 


#datalift is the AI Guild initiative to deploy more data analytics and machine learning

The AI Guild tackles this challenge bottom-up by bringing together practitioners experienced in the AI  startups and industry. We are active in key areas:

  • We strengthen the AI community in Europe by building a community of experienced professionals: We are the go-to community for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Machine Learners, and Deep Learners - and also welcome all other professionals building use and business cases for AI.  

  • We support businesses with the accelerated adoption of AI by fostering comprehension and implementation of use and business cases through conversation, workshops, and outreach.

  • Mid-term, we want to ramp-up AI talent at scale in Europe with training and guidance for career changers and university graduates. Increasing the talent base, and helping talents mature into leading experts as rapidly as possible is Europe's greatest challenge.