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Are you a Ph.D., data professional or software engineer looking to transition

to Data Science and Machine Learning?

We are working on ramping up talent to boost the capability of startups and companies

what we know

  • Numerate PhDs often have experience in handling data in Python or R

  • Data professionals frequently start learning online

  • Software engineers often upskill easily to handle pipelines and deployment

  • 400-600 hours of hands-on practice facilitate a professional entry to Data Science and Machine Learning

  • Getting from junior to senior and on to expert level requires a good team, working product, and clear business case 

key problems

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  • Lack of technical talent is the greatest barrier in industry, yet the industry is not investing in training at enough scale

  • Online training only does not empower talent to productionize Data Science and Machine Learning

  • Most talents cannot afford the €10,000 bootcamp tuition fee 

  • The two years after career entry often are not as productive as they should or could be

possible solutions

Industry-sponsored training 

  • In the United States industry sponsors training for PhDs at scale 

  • Career transitions could be managed smoothly by combining 4 weeks of on-site training with further online collaboration 

  • Industry and talents would benefit if industry data sets were used for training  

Upskilling on the job

  • A mix of masterclasses and hands-on projects is suitable for upskilling employees

  • Prior domain expertise can be utilized to maximize training utility

  • Companies and employees would benefit from a strategic commitment to adopt Ai

Guided career progression

  • A mix of community mentoring and further training would enable entry-level employees to progress rapidly

  • Talent is best deployed where AI is the product 

  • Data Scientists and Machine Learners create the most value for companies if embedded in strong teams

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