Do you want a team to productionize use cases?

Be production-ready in six months.

Hands-on training

8-12 weeks induction by senior industry experts on your use cases with Python as the universal language.


Imagine that you interview 50+ highly suitable experts and talents in  the next weeks and have a fully functional team in six months.

0 to 100

Accredited AI Guild leaders secure business impact as data career role models and by providing standards for scalable solutions.

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Conduct 50+ relevant interviews in six weeks

  • Trusted by experts and talents throughout Europe

  • Rapid technical assessment and employability check

  • Expertise and insights from 100+ hiring managers


The highest standard for practitioners

  • Defining the industry standard with Expert Accreditation

  • Development and assessment of Senior-level competency 

  • Competency profiles for company teams and practitioners

Use Case Training

12 weeks hands-on for your industry

  • Tailored curriculum, also in your language

  • Senior industry experts as trainers

  • Years of experience with in-person and remote team training

Production-ready teams

Ready for deployment

  • Team formation with roles and responsibilities 

  • Induction to Cloud Deployment

  • Start immediately with a fractional leadership model