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Do you want more use cases in production?

Production-ready teams
in 3 months or less.

100+ Trainers

2000+ Specialists.png

Senior industry experts provide the induction on your use cases with Python as the universal language.

10.000+ Practitioners

Samson Afolabi, Dânia Meira.png

When offering an opportunity, we communicate directly to 10.000+ members, subscribers, and followers.

The Highest Standard

Samantha Zambezi,.png

Accredited AI Guild leaders secure business impact as role models and by providing standards for scalable solutions.


Public Limited Company. Data Academy for training and use case development in finance, insurance, and payments.

Production-ready team in six months

  • 150+ relevant candidates, 50+ interviews, 10 new hires.

  • Finance, insurance, and payments experts as hands-on instructors.

  • 20+ days of use case development. 

  • Cloud-native deployment and certification.

  • Cross-functional team building with 15+ members.

DAX: DHER. Scale-up team development and hiring across Data Science, Engineering, and Analytics.

25+ Open positions across multiple teams

  • Sourcing candidates with support from the AI Guild.

  • Personal conversations at a #datalift exhibition boot.

  • Applicant tracking.

  • Collaboration on use cases.

Service Packages

Investment at entry- to mid-level per employee €8-10k.
At Senior level and above €15-25k.

Hands-on training

A production-ready team

  • Senior industry experts as trainers.

  • Tailored curriculum, also in your native language.

  • Our leaders have a decade of experience with in-person and remote team training.


Impact for the team

  • Trusted by practitioners throughout Europe.

  • Experts for competency profiles across all data roles to the Senior level.

  • Insights from 100+ hiring managers.


Technical competence, ethical behavior, business impact, and benefits to society

  • We set the industry standard by accreditation.

  • Development of competency profiles for teams and practitioners.

  • Recognizing leaders businesses and regulators trust.

Use Cases

Have use cases in production

  • Onboarding the team to industry use cases.

  • Training and project work on use cases with your data.

  • Induction to cloud-native deployment for all.

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