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Dr. Tristan Behrens | Deep Learning expert, AI Guru

Dr. Patrick Baier | Lead Data Scientist, Zalando

Dr. Sébastien Foucaud | Chief Data Officer, HRS Group

Daniel Voigt Godoy | Senior Data Scientist, Flixbus

Dr. Aleksandra Bogojeska Kovachev | Senior Machine Learning engineer, Delivery Hero

Dr. Priyanka Banerjee | AI researcher, Charité

Rachel Berryman | Data Scientist, pmOne Group

Dr. Amélie Anglade | Data Science consultant, Freelance

Dr. Stephen Enright-Ward | Senior Data Scientist & ML engineer, Lateral

Till Breuer | Senior Data Scientist & Machine Learning engineer, Freelance

Davide Posillipo | Senior Data Science consultant, Deloitte

Dr. Karthick Perumal | Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Marija Vlajic Wheeler | Data Scientist, Clue 

Dr. Lisa Heße | Deep Learning scientist, nyris 

Lacin Ulas | Data Scientist, TEB BNP Paribas

Ashley Washington | Data Scientist, DOJO Madness

Dr. Matteo Guzzo | Data Scientist & Data Engineer, Freelance

Gregory Vial | Deep Learning engineer, Continental

Dr. Sebastian Kaiser |  Senior Data Scientist, Munich Re

Kiran Prakash | Data Engineer & Machine Learning engineer, ThoughtWorks

Corrie Bartelheimer | Data Scientist, Europace 

Dr. Katharina Rasch | Data Scientist & Machine Learning researcher, Freelance 

Aneeshaa Chowdhry | Data Engineer, General Electric

Fahrnaz Jayrannejad | Data Scientist & Machine Learning engineer

Markus Hinsche | Data Engineer, Merantix 

Dr. Hugo Gascon |  AI & Information Security researcher, DCSO

Nicolas Maltry | Senior AI Lead, Daimler 

Alex Dogariu | Executive Manager AI Architecture, Daimler 

Alice Martin | Machine Learning engineer, École Polytechnique

Nevena Palic | Data Scientist, S Rating & Risikosysteme

Anita Okoh | Data Scientist, Freelance

Yen Hoang | AI researcher, DFRZ 


Dânia Meira | Data Scientist, myToys

Dr. Lucia Santamaria | Data Scientist & Machine Learning engineer, Amazon

Noa Tamir | Senior Data Scientist, Freelance

Dr. Darina Goldin | Lead Data Scientist, Bayes Esports Solutions

Dr. Thorsten Dietzsch | Program Manager AI & ML, Zalando

Marcel Ackermann | Data Scientist & AI researcher, Freelance 

Dr. Jesús Martinez-Blanco | Senior Data Scientist, Flixbus

Lars Roemheld | Director AI & Data, Health Innovation Hub

Dr. CJ Jenkins | Data Scientist, Klarna

Dr. Macarena Beigier | Data Scientist, Ancud iT

Dr. Dina Deifallah | Data Scientist, HeyJobs

Dr. Juanjiangmeng Du | Machine Learning engineer, Centogene

Fredrik Schorr | COO AI, riskine

Obada Meslmani | Senior Data Engineer, Taxfix 

Adam Vargas de Lima | Data Engineer, Freelance

Vincenzo Grasso | Data Scientist, Made For_

Sandra Meneses | Data Scientist & Machine Learning engineer, Mercedes-Benz.io

Astrid Paramita | Machine Learning engineer & Founder, Twindly

Dr. Gelavizh Ahmadi | Data Scientist & Intrapreneur, Hella FFWD

Priska Herger | Machine Learning engineer & co-founder, micropsi industries

Dr. Kristian Rother | Data Science teacher, Spiced Academy

Jan Laermann | Machine Learning engineer & AI researcher, Fraunhofer HHI 

Simon Wiedemann | Data Scientist & Deep Learning researcher, Fraunhofer HHI

Pablo Grube | Development Engineer, IAV

Christiane Klein | Senior IT Strategist, Infineon Technologies

Dr. Setareh Sadjadi | Data Scientist, Fresh Energy

Andrada Pumnea | Data Scientist, Futurice 

Jasmin Schuster | Project Manager New Mobility, Porsche

Stephan Meschede | Data Scientist, heycar 

Caio Miyashiro | Data Scientist, FreeNow

Vincent LaPorte | Deep Learning engineer & founder, ides.ai

Daksh Varshneya Machine Learning researcher, Rasa​



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Dr. Lorenz Kemper | Data Scientist, Hannover Re

Dr. Alexander Weiß | Machine Learning engineer & Manager, GetYourGuide

Jens Hooge | Senior Data Scientist, Bayer Business Services

Dr. Johannes Mosig | Machine Learning engineer, FGEU 

Dr. Irena Bojarovska | Data Scientist & Analyst, Zalando 

Dr. Tahereh Ghane | Senior Data Scientist, tba

Dr. Eva Martínez Romero | Data Analyst, contentful 

Irina Vidal Migallón | Computer Vision & Deep Learning engineer, Siemens 

Anthony Proschka | Lead Data Scientist, candis 

Dr. Benjamin Wilson | AI researcher, Lateral 

Dr. Stefan Savev | Senior Data Engineer & Machine Learning engineer, Stefan Savev IT consulting

Dr. Martin Hugo | Data Scientist, tba

Dr. Baran AliMardani | AI researcher, tba 

Dr. Anastasiya Migunova Senior Consultant, Deloitte 

Tamara Bagdassarian | Project Development Consultant, Freelance

Teresita Guerrero | Data Engineer, LeadGenius 

Sebastian Lutter | CTO & Computer Vision engineer, pixolution

Dr. Jürgen Schiefele | Data Analyst, Schaeffler

Andreas Jacob | Senior Data Scientist, Otto GmbH

Jan Kyri Data Engineer, Freelance 

Dr. Laura Fernández Gallardo | Data Scientist, areto consulting 

Dr. Catherine Chaput Data Scientist & Deep Learning engineer, tbc 

Elizabeth Press | Data Scientist & Founder, D3M Labs

Kerstin Simone Maier | AI researcher, Humboldt University 

Dr. Frank Hüttner | AI researcher, ESMT 

Ryan Groves | Data Scientist & Founder, Arcona Music

Dr. Ahmed Youssef | Head of Data Science, smava

Dominik Jung | Software Consultant, 4flow

Stefan Otte | Data Scientist & Machine Learning engineer, Freelance

Christian Röpke | Senior Data & Machine Learning engineer, Freelance

Anthony Wang | AI researcher, TU Berlin 

Mark Kibanov | Data Scientist, BCG Digital Ventures 

Vaibhav Singh | Data Science Manager, Klarna  

Dr. Patrick Glauner | Head of Data Academy, Alexander Thamm

Elizaveta Fotina | Consultant Data Analytics, EY

María Marchante Fernández | Data Scientist, UC Dublin

Anastasia Pustozerova | Machine Learning engineer & Computational Logic, SBA Research 

Anastasia Brovkin | Deep Learning engineer & Computational Neuroscience, Human Brain Project 

Dawid Horacy Golebiewski | Data Scientist & Machine Learning engineer, Amazon Robotics

Jonathan Greve | Senior software engineer, Klarna

Adam Green | Machine Learning engineer & Director, Data Science Retreat

Dr. Jùan Camilo Orduz | Data Scientist, TD Reply

Marilyn Cruces Data Scientist, MPI for Radioastronomy

Dr. Elena Jolkver | Data Scientist, xValue

Seema Narasimha Swamy | Data Engineer & Software Developer, Klarna

Dr. Jihye Sofia Seo | Senior Data Scientist & Machine Learning engineer, Hypatos  

Dr. Alan Nichol | Co-founder & CTO, Machine Learning engineer, Rasa

Andre Bappert | Machine Learning engineer, Code University 

Mathias Schmerling | Machine Learning engineer, Freelance 

Bettina Schmidt Data Scientist, GASAG

Leyla Allahyarova | Data Scientist, LEXTA

Dr. Shravani Basu | Business & Data consultant, Freelance

Margaux Pelen | Community Director, CodeControl

Boyan Angelov Senior Data Scientist & Startup Advisor, DAIN Studios

Sahar Hashai | Machine Learning engineer & Cofounder, Stealth Startup

Ahmed Moharram | Chief Data Scientist, Aureum Realwert AG

Rafael Rodriguez Serra | Data Scientist & Software Developer, Freelance

Nasim Khadem | Data Scientist, future demand

Ellen König | Senior Data Scientist, Humanitec

Shreyasta Samal | Machine Learning engineer, Delta Engine 

Gargi Maheshwari | Data Scientist, Freelance 

Joanna Stachera | Deep Learning researcher, TU Delft  



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Nedra Trabelsi | Data Scientist & Manager, Accenture 

Melissa Gurcan | Data Scientist, Unless 

Natalia Sousa | Data Manager, BASF 

Itziar Goikoetxea | Data Scientist, Pivigo

Masanori Kanazu | Deep Learning engineer, tbc 

Filipe Conceição | Data Scientist, tbc 

Andrew Herbert | Data Engineer & Founder, Cangler Analytics 

Mark Ayzenshtadt | CTO & co-founder, conductiv.ai

Magdalena Sendal | Data Scientist & Data Engineer, Freelance

Laura-Ana-Maria Bostan | Machine Learning engineer, University of Stuttgart

Daniela Nigro | Data Scientist, tba

Pauline Brucki | Data Scientist, Weissmaler

Uday K Samala | Senior Machine Learning engineer, Tetra Tech Architects

Oliver Rieger | Senior Data Scientist, The unbelievable Machine Company

Laurence Ion | Deep Learning engineer & co-founder, Intersect App

Pranav Rai | AI researcher, LMU Munich

Dr. Edith Chorev | AI researcher, MPI for Experimental Medicine

Sara Rarís Miralles | Computer Vision engineer, Solarvibes

Catarina Gomes Ferreira | Data Scientist, Bio3

Ronald Brachetti | Founder, Clean Code Culture 

Eric Liebig | Data Scientist, tba 

Premtim Sahitaj | AI Researcher, University Trier 

Sarem Seitz | Data Scientist, Freelance 

Shrirang Kulkarni | Data Scientist, tba

Ehsan Javaheri | Deep Learning engineer & Data Scientist, Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems 

Kevin Kepp | Deep Learning engineer & Software engineer, Freelance

Felix Frohboese | Data Scientist & Strategy Manager, Accenture 

Francisco Schulz | Data Scientist, Exactag

Darin DeForest | Machine Learning engineer & NLP, iPro Tech

Klaus Müller | Machine Learning engineer, MusterFabrik Berlin

David Backstein | CEO & Deep Learning engineer, pixolution

Tiago Oliveira | Data Scientist & Solutions Architect, FarFetch 

Tobias Sterbak | Data Scientists and NLP engineer, Freelance

Artemiy Vyacheslavov | Data Scientist & Data Engineer, Netlight

Florian Weber | Data Scientist & Software Engineer, Freelance

Michael Müller | Data Engineer & DevOps, Freelance 

Luigi Bungaro | Data Scientist, Zoi 

Cenk Uyan | Machine Learning engineer, Oculyze 

Peter Orosz | Business Analyst, Docler Holding 

Christoph Schock | Data Scientist & Data Engineer, Freelance 

Dr. Eric Morfa Morales | Senior Data Scientist, Berylls Digital Ventures

Fernando Millán | Data Scientist, Ancud IT

Dr. Karl Häfner | Data Scientist, Freelance

Peter Fabian | Innovation consultant & Director, Data Science Retreat

Nicolai van der Laan | Data Scientist & Product designer, Pandata

Felix Schrank | Data Scientist, Charité

Luc Frachon | AI researcher, University of Aberdeen

Levin Brinkmann | Data Scientist, Freelance 

Stefan Roth | Data Scientist, Freelance

Maximilian Hopf | Data Scientist & Director, Pylink

Andrés Prada González | Computer Vision engineer, Solarvibes

Vasily Kuznetsov | Software engineer, Eyeo

Ramakrishna Nanjundaiah | AI researcher & Co-founder, Phantasma Labs

Francesco Mucio | Data Engineer, Zalando

Holger Niessner | Data Scientist, Zeitgold 

Marcus Jones | Data Scientist, Ocean Protocol 

Peter Siemen | Machine Learning engineer & CTO, Junique

Christoph Seitz | Program Lead, Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center Berlin

Moha Yeghaneh | AI researcher, Humboldt University 

Felipe Marineli | Data Scientist, Meltwater

Dr. Harald Hentschke | Data Scientist, Freelance 

Anja von Hörsten | Marketing Lead AI, Microsoft 

Dr. Annemarie Paul | Data Scientist, Gingko Analytics 

Maria Lodolo D'Oria | Deep Learning engineer, Metaliquid 

Rachida Seghiri | Machine Learning engineer, RealtyShares

Dr. Christian Staudt | Senior Data Scientist, Freelance 

Sagar Kumar | Data Scientist & co-founder, ZARdoi

Dr. Matthias Bohner | Data Scientist, Insilico Biotechnology 

Christian Vollrath | Head of Computer Vision, wenglor sensory

Maurice Walz | Data Scientist, Freelance

Dr. Luís Moreira-Matias | Head of Data Science, Kreditech 

Arne Recknagel | Machine Learning engineer, auxmoney

Anubhav Dhiman | Data Science Consultant, Blue Yonder 

Jochen Sieg | AI researcher, University of Hamburg 

Oscar Salvador Morillo Victoria | Lead Data Scientist, Talentwunder

Tilman Möller | Data Scientist, Fintyre Group 

Sergey Matyunin | AI Software engineer, Automotive Artificial Intelligence

Valentin Tappeser | Data Scientist, Freelance

Alessandro Pedori | Senior Machine Learning engineer, Freelance

Kshitij Kumar | Data Scientist & Data Engineer, Hasso Plattner Institute

Peter Seeberg |  AI consultant & speaker, asimovero

Sven Krüger | Marketing Executive & Speaker, MAKEbelieve

Dr. Nicholas Hoff | Deep Learning engineer & Data Scientist, Freelance

Tobias Roth | AI & Software developer, Mercedes.-Benz R&D North America 

Pramod Bohra | Senior Data Architect & Ai researcher, GM Financial

Florian Baumann | CTO AI, Dell EMC

Dr. Bogdan Moldovan | Machine Learning & Software engineer, Autonomous Intelligent Driving (Audi)

Dr. Chris Armbruster | Director Community, The Drivery

Dr. Johannes Heinrich | Deep Learning engineer & AI researcher, Independent 

Andrea Grioni | Machine Learning engineer, CEITEC 

Bhaskar Kamireddy | Data Scientist, Barclays 

Benedikt Zeibich | Machine Learning engineer & Business Intelligence, Marquard & Bahls

Lana Levit | Deep Learning engineer & Senior Software developer, FRAMOS AI

Lyubka Genova | Data & Machine Learning engineer, chess24

Dr. Katharina Teuber | Senior Data Scientist, Berliner Wasserbetriebe; and AI Mentor, Women AI Academy

Wolf-Guido Bolick | AI researcher, University of Hamburg

Dr. Stefan Kühn | Head of Data & Intelligence, TOM TAILOR GROUP 

Arun Kumar | Aerospace engineer, L&T Technology Services 

Hannes Hapke | Lead Deep Learning engineer, caravel

Ram Rajaraman | Lead Data Scientist, GE Healthcare Partners  

Benjamin Krala |  Deep Learning engineer, knowhere

Shlomi Hod | Senior Machine Learning engineer & Data Scientist, Freelance

Dr. Andreas Schilling | Chief Product Officer, Advertima

gor Vaz | Data Scientist & Machine Learning engineer, Extrato Juridico 

Manuel López Sheriff | Senior Data Scientist, Kernel Analytics 

Simon Weiß | Data Scientist & Machine Learning engineer, Alexander Thamm

Vinoth Kumar | Python developer, Charité

Taraka Ramji Moturu | AI researcher, CEITEC

Harsh Dev Chaudhary | Senior Data Scientist, Klarna

Marc Weimer-Hablitzel | Principal & Data Scientist, etventure

Jenia Jitsev | Deep Learning engineer & AI Lab leader, Jülich Supercomputing Center 

Juan Jesús Torre | AI researcher, Inria