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AI Guild Career Paths

We have you covered to Lead, 
Director, and CDO.

Competency Profile

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We identify the go-to experts in Analytics Engineering, Computer Vision, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, MLOps, and NLP.


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The Ai Guild recognizes the leaders in Europe qualified to the highest standard for technical competence, ethical behavior, business impact, and benefits to society.

Skills Profile

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By practitioners, for practitioners: We match talent with the best role in great teams. Together, we validate technical and business skills for career development.

Businesses and regulators need leaders they trust

Darina Goldin_edited.jpg
Dr. Darina Goldin

"We admire her technical competency in data analytics and her outstanding achievements in driving forward the use of machine learning in the Esports industry. She has successfully developed AI-based solutions matching customer needs and industry requirements to create lasting value."

Irina vidal photo_edited_edited.jpg
Irina Vidal Migallón

"She has an outstanding track record of implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions in MedTech and Mobility. In addition, she is a leading Computer Vision practitioner.  We are  very much impressed by her contribution to educating and guiding practitioners in the field."

Irena Bojarovska_edited.jpg
Dr. Irena Bojarovska

"She is a highly respected Data Scientist in Marketing. She automates machine learning and follows best practices in software engineering. We are impressed by her deep knowledge of A/B testing."

Tristan Profile Picture Petite.jpg
Dr. Tristan Behrens

"His expertise and technical competency in Deep Learning are outstanding, especially in multi-agent systems. We commend Tristan Behrens for the business value and impact he creates by his teaching and mentoring activities, promoting AI adoption and awareness in society."

Be the go-to expert
in your industry

A must-have ML engineering profile for companies deploying.

Her competency profile is explicit on technical detail, showing proficiency with multiple toolboxes. The practitioner has not nailed her flag to any specific ML framework or cloud solutions provider. It indicates flexibility in the approach and confidence in her mastery of the ML engineering value chain.

A must-have DL engineering profile for productionizing models.

Her profile shows deep expertise in developing and deploying CNN and innovating on Deep Learning models by building on research advances. 
She flanks her focus with competence in image processing, which is vital to the quality of the models, and best practices in building the solution, which secures quality deployment.

A must-have Data Science profile for customer-facing deployment.

Her industry experience is two years, yet this is a Senior-level profile with leadership potential. The extensive experience (8 years) in building data solutions combined with mastery of the complete value chain to deployment positively impacts the business's bottom line.

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