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Do you want more use cases in production?

Production-ready tooling
in 3 months or less.

40+ Use Cases

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Work with us for an independent assessment to ensure technical excellence and optimize business impact.

2000+ Specialists

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Imagine the progress when solutions for your data strategy and use cases deployment are only a video or phone call away.

Best Practices

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Benefit from the experience of leaders that have productionized solutions, built infrastructure and scaled use case deployment.



DAX: ZAL. E-Commerce platform powered by one of Europe's largest data teams with 300+ practitioners.

Data infrastructure, deployment, and use cases

  • Raising ML Standards in a Big Organization

  • An ML Orchestration Platform

  • Machine Learning Workflows in Production

  • Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning

  • Building an Adaptive Large-Scale Recommender System

  • Automated A/B Geo testing for Marketing

NYSE: OEC. Produces Black Carbon in 60+ Production Lines across 16 Factories in Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Evaluation, data infrastructure and team growth for the following use cases

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Predictive Quality

  • Sales & Operations Planning Process

  • Price Negotiation Tool

  • Procurement and Supply Chain

Service Packages

Typical investment €50-100k

Use Cases

We evaluate independently​

  • Assess the technical quality.

  • Determine the business value.

  • Have a strategy for scaling deployment use case by use case.

Data Infrastructure

Roadmap to a unified infrastructure

  • Have an integrated high-quality infrastructure.

  • Achieve multimodal data processing.

  • Make data-driven decision and build data-powered products.


Select the best tools and providers

  • Independent design of your architecture for a functioning use case workflow.

  • Guidance on the best tools and providers for your requirements.

  • On-demand solution implementation.


Secure business impact

  • Deploy the best-in-class cloud-native solutions.

  • Customize the architecture of your end-to-end platform.

  • Build and buy industry-leading applications on top.


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