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We have the know-how to productionize solutions, build infrastructure, and scale use case deployment.

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Use case evaluation

60+ use cases in all major industries

  • Assess the technical quality

  • Determine the business value

  • Have a strategy for scalable deployment

data quality by Eucalyp from the Noun Project

Scale data infrastructure

12-month roadmap delivered and implemented

  • Achieve an integrated high-quality infrastructure

  • Act on your need for end-to-end solutions

  • Ensure your models are unbiased and compliant


Grow the team

Build a team >15 in six months


  • Recruit for maximum impact in tech and product

  • Induction and training on your industry use cases 

  • Production-ready team to the highest standard with defined data roles

implementation by Tomas Knopp from the Noun Project

Implement solutions

Lead on continuous deployment

  • Follow a roadmap for your end-to-end platform

  • Manage your risks effectively (e.g. privacy, fairness, regulation)

  • Have the industry-leading solution